Don’t Focus On The Money

Today I want to share with you what is the key ingredient to your success as an entrepreneur…..its building your foundation by starting with your mindset. A lot of people get the fundamentals of owning a business all wrong, whether it is a part time online home business or a full time traditional brick and mortar business. If your mindset is purely focused on money, then unfortunately your doomed from the start. T. Harv Eker the author of the secrets of the millionaire mind quotes … ‘your outer world is a reflection of your inner world’.

t.harvOn that note I highly recommend you purchase this book by T. Harv Eker, I will post a link below for you to check it out. One of my mentors shared it with me and it completely changed the way I thought about business, and for that matter a lot of things in my life! Most of the teachings are very practical and makes complete sense, giving you a lot of ‘ahhah’ moments. T.Harv Eker is a very successful business man, teacher and motivator and the way he explains how creating your wealth starts from within really struck a chord in my mind and changed my mindset on wealth forever.

So you have to shift your mind set from thinking ‘how much money I am going to make’ to ‘how much value can I provide to the market place’ When I first saw that statement I thought I just found the secret sauce that I had been looking for all along! Once I dived deeper into the meaning of that statement suddenly all the overwhelm of learning new business strategies was gone! I began to see clearly the direction I needed to go to become a successful online entrepreneur.

So if you want to be successful and create wealth and freedom, its all about how many people you can help! Then success will follow!

I have to admit my first online retail business a few years back failed, and it wasn’t because I was selling the wrong product, the products I was selling where in high demand! It was my mind set! All I was focused on was making money! I was being selfish and not selfless! I learned the hard way with that one! But Its not how many times you get struck down, its about getting up and moving forward!

I highly recommend going out to your bookstore or on amazon and purchasing a mindset book or course right now before you go on any further in your business. The two books I highly recommend are:

I own both of these books and re-read them on a regular basis. I realize new things in the books that I didn’t pick up the last last time I read them which is why I keep reading them. I was at the dentist the other day and it was the first time I was excited to lay there for an hour because I had the audio version of think and grow rich playing on my iPod!

So guys, invest in your self, change your mindset, help others and you will see results!

To your success.


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